It is estimated that between 60 to 75 percent of trading on all major stock markets around the world is algorithmic, dominated by high frequency trading, bots, algo trading, algo portfolio management, and increasingly, the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in algorithmic trading and finance

Lawrence Wintermeyer, a leading technology contributor for Forbes, released a detailed article last week called “You Can’t Spell Blockchain Without AI: AI Will Dominate Crypto Trading“.  He takes readers through the deep relationship blockchain trading and AI have already developed and how that bond will only continue to become more entrenched in the future.

The GNY Range Report is featured several times, including direct quotes from GNY CEO Cosmas Wong.

Cosmas Wong, CEO GNY, says, “Although we see AI’s role in trading to be inevitable, they can never replace a human’s intuition and oversight. We’ve been working with these models now for a long time and we know the strengths and weaknesses associated with them.

“Like humans, we’ve learnt how to work with and accommodate their weaknesses, and we bank on their strengths. AI tools will need to be supervised – humans are good at certain things, machines at others. We see a collaboration to achieve the best outcomes.”

Check out the full article here, and visit the GNY Range Report now to see how these AI trading tools can help you become a better trader today.

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