GNY Range Report Now Provides Data for 12 top Cryptocurrencies

May 28, 2023 – GNY Range Report Now Provides Forecasts, Trend Analysis, Correlations, and Historical Analysis for 12 top Cryptocurrencies

AI cryptos have reached a $4.27 billion market cap, up 56% from last week, reported Forbes this month. Crypto winter has moved to spring, and AI related cryptocurrencies are leading the way. is a leading crypto token, and is engaging communities by offering their AI-powered Range Report. The Report launched with AI forecasting models for Bitcoin, and has now expanded to 7-day forecasts and indicators for Ethereum.

Bitcoin and Ethereum make up a staggering 60% percent of the overall market cap for all crypto currencies. In a survey from the financial website Finder, data show that 66.7% of cryptocurrency investors own Bitcoin and 23.9% are investing in Ethereum. A majority of crypto traders hold one or the other.

With the expansion of the GNY Range Report’s AI-powered crypto forecasts to Ethereum, GNY is also announcing that the Range Report will expand to include the top 10 cryptos by summer 2023. By including top indicators, news and events, gas prices, and price tickers GNY aims to be the destination for all crypto traders that wish to harness AI to inform their strategy and trading strategies.

But AI powered trading is not the final destination for this AI blockchain project. Also launching this year are DataNFTs, or DNFTs, which will lay the foundation for trustless ML collaboration. Using GNY DNFTs, community members and developers will be able to contribute models, and data to the GNY community and securely track usage, earnings, and subsequent implementation and data collaboration.

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