In 2023, GNY focused a lot of attention on its primary product, the GNY Range Report. In 2024 we are focused on seamless integration of

Between 11/12/2023 and 13/12/2023, GNY invited members of the nano community to predict the high price and low price of xno on 15/12/2023 in return for

GNY is excited to share that we are expanding the GNY Range Report to include coverage of nano. That coverage includes machine learning-driven volatility forecasts,

Date: Monday December 11, 2023 GNY is exploring how “Wisdom of the Crowd” (WOTC) can improve the predictive power of its LSTM models that are

GNY, the world’s first decentralized machine learning platform demonstrated its secure data collaboration and machine learning capabilities for analyzing COVID-19 mortality trends in different U.S.

The Covid-19 outbreak has overwhelmed health systems around the world. At a point, bed spaces and ventilators for patients as well as protective gear for

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