Roadmap & Exploration

The GNY Range Report is the destination for easy to access crypto intelligence for everyday traders. This information platform is the result of our work towards a decentralized machine learning environment that combines the best attributes of ML and blockchain. As the system develops users will be able to access premium services with the GNY Utility Token but the core service will always remain free to use and will focus on larger and larger audiences from across all of crypto.

As the GNY network grows, third parties can build models and provide data of their own. GNY’s DataNFTs will allow for collaborative machine learning models and trustless profit sharing, paving the way for decentralized machine learning computation and storage.

Check out our GNY Tokenomics video for an excellent visual representation of our mission

Upcoming RoadMap Milestones

Integration of the GNY SwapGate and GNY Mobile Wallet

As the GNY decentralized ML network grows the need for seamless and secure transactions grows with it, our team is currently working on how to seamlessly integrate our SwapGate technologies with the GNY MobileWallet, and with Metamask. We want you to be able to seamlessly purchase and deploy GNY tokens no matter what token you hold and what end use you have for it. We will be releasing a more detailed roadmap for this soon.

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