GNY Tests the Power of the Crowd in Financial Forecasting through an Exciting New Initiative

Date: Thursday, October 19, 2023

In an innovative leap, GNY seeks to further refine its already impressive 97% accuracy rate in the 7-day Bitcoin forecast published daily in the GNY Range Report at by harnessing the insights of the masses. The objective is to explore if collective user forecasts can fine-tune the data set that fuels their ML model.

Wisdom of the crowd (WOTC) has a rich history spanning thousands of years. The collective wisdom of the crowd is not just an age-old concept but a potentially formidable tool in contemporary financial market analysis and forecasting, a potential that GNY seeks to tap into and validate through innovative initiatives. “The collective insight that emerges from a group’s estimation, often, surpasses the accuracy of a solitary expert’s prediction,” asserts GNY. This theory isn’t simply philosophical. Observations reveal that communities predicting financial trends, particularly when they have a personal financial stake, tend to furnish more precise forecasts.”

As a catalyst for participation, GNY is inviting users to predict the forthcoming closing price of Bitcoin (BTC). The most accurate forecast secures a $100 USDT(BSC) prize, while each stage of the registration and voting process rewards participants with an AirDrop of up to 300 GNY BEP20 tokens. Participation is free.

GNY CEO, Cosmas Wong says, “Fabian, our Long Short-Term Memory (LSTM) model is already achieving striking accuracy in its daily 7-day volatility forecasts. The mission now is to elevate this model, with our users leading the way, and gamifying the experience.”

The exciting new initiative does more than just foster ML improvement. It serves to guide users toward the GNY Range Report at, offering them a challenge to outsmart the machine. Winning participants must submit a forecast that not only outperforms other entries but also lands within 3% of the actual price.

But GNY recognizes that precision in ML predictive models is just one component of a successful trading strategy. Giving traders the tools to comprehend and interpret relevant charts to contextualize these forecasts is equally paramount. Therefore, GNY’s Large Language Model, Kai, delivers daily Crypto Readouts – meticulous, AI-driven analyses designed to assist users in crafting a robust, data-informed market position and the individual charts of an asset. GNY’s commitment to combining technological advancements with user-engaged improvements illuminates a pathway toward not only pioneering financial forecasts but also building a community where every prediction counts.

Embracing collective wisdom, GNY is not just elevating its technological pursuits but also crafting a dynamic, user-engaging pathway toward pioneering financial forecasts in the market. The competition opens on 0001 UTC Monday, October 23, 2023 and closes on 0000 UTC Wednesday, October 25, 2023. Participants will need to enter their prediction for the closing price of BTC at 0000 UTC Friday, October 27, 2023. Registrations open at from 0001 UTC Monday, October 23, 2023.

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